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Exercising the JOY
Napspots in your backyard; dreaming of dreaming in my backyard


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Lately I have been getting the strangest comments. I never got any comments for months and then suddenly this influx of very strangely worded comments and I'm not sure if that's cause it's been translated from other languages...; but some are definitely advertisements. I think I got hacked and I haven't responded to anyone's comments cause I wasn't sure what which were which and from who...mmmm. :) To anyone that genuinely was writing hoping for a response, I'm so sorry. I don't mean to ignore you. Thank you so much for your interest. I'm really glad you stopped by and hopefully enjoyed my website. Thanks! 

Exercising the JOY

Laughing is such a chore for some people. They look like they're going to break. They start choking and coughing and gagging like they haven't used the JOY side of their lungs in a long time; like they've been avoiding this for a long time, but just lost control and it hurts. "Oh No! Stop! Why are you doing this to me? BWahahaha!"

And then there are others for which laughing is a second language. A joyful HOHOHO when you meet someone on the street. A giggle when you blush or see somthing cute or lovely. A belly laugh that comes from the diaphragm; one that has been prepared and practiced and repeated, regularly, on a daily basis, so that now in this time in one's life the joy side is ready for a marathon of hours of laughing and crying for joy and loving with one's whole heart, and mind and body. 


OmG!!!!! I am freaking again today!!! This morning I was so nervous and full of fear. This evening I am so excited and happy! I've just been featured on someone's blog! Me! The East Coast Creative bloggers Jess and Monica formerly known as The Real Housewives of Bucks County, featured on Nate Berkus 4 times decided to give me a featured spot on their blog for putting together a fictitious plan for one of their front yards. It was fun for me and they really loved it and wanted to give me some exposure!


Wow, I've really been away for a while. Sorry about that. Not that I really believe people are hanging on my every...blog. 

 I have some exciting news and also some things I've been meaning to blog about. But I'll get to them later. This is about the exciting news. Did I say it's exciting, this news I have? 

Some of you out there know that I've become obsessed with DIY design blogs because I've been designing, renovating and decorating the apartment on our 3rd floor to host guests from AirBNB.

Napspots in your backyard; dreaming of dreaming in my backyard

Ahhhh I'm dreaming of my dreamy, dream backyard. I have so many plans for that space; if only I had the money and the time. Meanwhile, check out these cool nap spots for your backyard! 

Psst; check in in a couple days; I'm gonna show you my evolving office space for designing, for crafting, for sewing, for dreaming and for blogging. 

Also, I will be opening a new page to post recommendations; over the years so many people have sent me beautiful affirmations and compliments via email, thank you cards and notes on the bottom of invoices and I want to share them with you.

My cousin sent this gorgeous photo from Georgia

Please don't reuse this...


succulent wall hanging tutorial

I love this. I have been wanting to get into wall gardens and roof gardens (green roofs) for a while. The green roofs really take an education but this small wall hanging looks quite simple, huh? Check out the tutorial. When I come up with my own version I'll pass that along too! Soon I hope.... Happy Friday, y'all! 

The mosquitoes are coming! Home remedies to ward them off!

Another GORGEOUS day in Philly! 

Yesterday was glorious; I spent the afternoon clearing the leaves from the new sprouts of tulips and perennials  in one of my gardens in Mt. Airy. The sun was warm and the soil was comfortable to kneel on. It's going to be an incredible season of beauty, I'm sure. But the negatives were that the allergens are terrible. I don't even usually get bad allergy symptoms but this morning I'm very congested and my lungs are heavy from all I inhaled yesterday.

Spring buds and sprouts from my home garden; send yours!

Good Morning. It's gonna be such a beautiful day and I get to be out there. Gonna visit one of my favorite gardens (who am I kidding; gardens are like kids to me; they're ALL my favorites). Yesterday, I went out and explored my home garden and got some great shots of buds and sprouts. Can you guess what each of them are? 


Oak Leaf Hydrangea


Send your pictures to dear old Captain Noah...I mean Gardener Candice

The SUN!!! Oh, I am so glad to see sun and DAFFODILS! Isn't it wonderful? I will post a picture or 2 later of my daffs. You could send me yours, too! I'd love to see how spring is springing up in your neighborhood this morning. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you may wish to view it) I will not be in my gardens today...much (you know I can't stay away), I must prepare for my house guests! I have been renovating and decorating for months to re-rent the apartment on our 3rd floor.
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